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Welcome To Premium Dental Clinic

It all started with a dream, two brothers Dr. Julio Serecero and Rachel Serecero have adequate facilities and friendly atmosphere to provide the best care to their patients and dental treatments.

With effort, hard work and love for this profession, that dream has come true. Today, we have the best facilities, technology and staff to treat our patients the way they deserve, no matter the difficulty of dental, physical or emotional condition.

Welcome to Premium Dental Clinic.

Why Choose Us

Great accommodations.
Latest technology.
We offer all services within our clinic.
Personalized attention.
High quality dentistry at reasonable prices.
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  • Address : José Clemente Orozco. No. 1407 int 1, Zona Rio, Tijuana B. C. México
  • Email :
  • Phone Mx : (664) 680-9080
  • Phone Us : (619) 600-5640
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